ASERI Talks on Med Politics


The Middle East between the sunset of post-colonial States and the dawn of new polities

Course Overview

The ASERI Talks on Med Politics have been conceived as a cycle of debates on the Middle East region, involving distinguished specialists in the fields of Middle Eastern Studies and International Relations.

The 2015 edition focuses on the proliferation of conflicts and insecurity in the aftermath of the Arab Uprisings.

Which scenarios can potentially arise from the collapse of State structures, the new wave of Islamic terrorism and the rise of the self-proclaimed Islamic State? Whereas Tunisia has taken important steps towards democratization, Egypt is heading towards an authoritarian restoration. Syria and Iraq have collapsed into a high-intensity asymmetric war, involving regional and international actors. Yemen is the hot battleground of a regional cold war, and Libya, ravaged by conflict and fragmentation, has also become the main hotspot for human trafficking, thus affecting the security of the whole Mediterranean Basin.

Against this backdrop, the ASERI Talks on Med Politics aim at providing a critical overview of the political, economic and strategic factors that have led to the current state of insecurity in the Middle East.

Participants' profile

The Program is addressed to scholars, students (graduate and postgraduate level) and professionals, who wish to deepen their knowledge on the Middle Eastern scenario, its evolution in the very next years, its political and economic consequences on the Arab societies, attending a highly qualified training path.


  • Introducing a world class of Italian and international faculty providing the expertise to enable an accurate reading of global phenomena
  • Deepening knowledge of the international environment and its dynamics
  • Debating and investigating the current and future scenarios and perspectives of the Arab world
  • Top level lectures expert in addressing both scholars and professionals

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Academic Year
Start date
22 April 2015
End date
26 May 2015