Alessia Melcangi

Alessia Melcangi

Alessia Melcangi is Research Fellow at the Sapienza University of Rome and Adjunct Professor in History of the Middle East at University of Florence. She collaborates with the Centre of Research on the Southern System and the Wider Mediterranean (CRiSSMA – Catholic University of Milan). She hold a PhD in Political Thought and Institutions in the Mediterranean Societies at the University of Catania. She has been also Research Fellow in History and Institutions of Africa at the University of Catania. Her researches are mainly focused on the relationship between religion, national identity and citizenship in North Africa and Middle East, with particular attention to the religious dynamics in contemporary Egypt and Maghreb.
She published academic articles on relevant peer review Journal as Africa, Nova Collectanea Africana in addition to different papers in edited works. Among his recent works: Melcangi A., El HoussiI L., Torelli S., Cricco M. (Eds.), North African Societies After The Arab Spring: Between Democracy and Islamic Awakening (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016) and I copti nell'Egitto di Nasser. Tra politica e religione (1952-1970) (Carocci, 2017).


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