Colombo Emilio

Colombo Emilio

Economist, prof. Colombo is Associate professor of Economics at Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca where he teaches International Economics. He holds a PhD in Economics at the University of Southampton.

His research interests are in the field of Macroeconomics, International Economics and Applied Economics. His most recent publications include: The Economics of Emerging Markets, with Marco Lossani (in Italian); Exploring different views on exchange rate regime choice, with Fabrizio Carmignani e Patrizio Tirelli; Journal of International Money and Finance; Socio-political and economic determinants of de facto monetary institutions and inflationary outcomes, with Fabrizio Carmignani e Patrizio Tirelli; Topics in Macroeconomics.


e-mail: emilio.colombo@unicatt,it
personal page:

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