Master in International Cooperation and Development - MICaD



“When I choose to apply for the Master of International Cooperation and Development, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in development but I also did not know what that meant precisely and I did not know where to start. This Master has prepared me for what comes next. Studying at ASERI was a truly enriching experience in so many ways. The unique feature of combining students from all over the world with professional development practitioners really was the best way to provide us with a realistic picture – the good and the bad – of the international development field. In addition, being part of a class group with so many different nationalities offered us the opportunity to discuss ideas and to receive feedback from a wide range of different perspectives. ASERI has provided me with the necessary tools and knowledge and has showed me that the future is full of possibilities.”

Gaia Verhulst, MIC&D 2014/15, External Communication and Fundraising Officer at Congodorpen – Heverlee (Belgium)

"When I joint ASERI in January I was full with doubts. I was just back from a wonderful experience in Brussels, in the European Parliament, and frankly I was not that sure ASERI and the MIC&D were the right choice. Attending classes and tutorial rushes, I begun understanding: the past year I was in Brussels, but it was dream. I didn't have any idea why I was there and how it was possible that I was working there. From that lesson I learnt that everything is possible: but I was still too much green to turn possibility into reality. At ASERI I learnt how to go for what I want and how to make things happen. Today I work at Eni, the largest Italian company working in seventy-seven countries, employing almost eighty-thousand people. Thanks to ASERI, I decided to win this opportunity; I know why I am working at Eni; I know why a guy with a background ranging from Philosophy to Economics, is handling Eni's joint programmes with the UN and the Earth Institute. "Undergoing" ASERI's courses is that empowerment. These are "things" that happen at ASERI."

Fabio Petroni, MIC&D 2009/10, Director of Programs at E4Impact Foundation – Milan (Italy)

"Effectively structured, this course equipped me with the necessary knowledge and tools required to successfully approach my career in development. The six months spent focusing on scientific and professional training were insightful, and proved to be directly relevant to the work I was involved in during my internship with the United Nations. While the scientific training gave me a strong academic basis on which to build upon, the professional training gave me a certain edge that proved to be valuable in a fast paced work environment. With the help of the University, I was able to secure a worthwhile internship, one that not only gave me a chance to deepen the project work, but has also opened up many doors for my future career."

Sanhita Sapatnekar, MIC&D 2010/11,  National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, the research institute of Ministry of Finance, Government of India – New Delhi (India)

Academic Year
Scienze politiche e sociali
Course Location
ASERI - via San Vittore 18
Application deadline
30 October 2017