Master in International Cooperation and Development - MICaD


MICaD is structured in four complementary levels, fostering multidimensional training and integrating scientific methodologies and operative competences.


The first level provides students of different academic backgrounds with a multidisciplinary education on various dimensions of development processes aimed at acquiring the relevant economic, political, historical, legal, institutional and managerial competences, with a special focus on fighting against poverty and fostering social inclusion.

Areas of study:

  • Economic and Human Development 6 CFU
  • Geopolitics 6 CFU
  • Trade and Finance for Development 6 CFU
  • Development Law and Institutions 6 CFU
  • Project Cycle Management 6 CFU

Main topics covered:

  • Poverty, inequality and human development, development economics
  • International relations and regional development challenges
  • Economic integration, multinational enterprises, financial flows and remittances
  • International law, human rights, migration law
  • Identification, formulation, funding, implementation and evaluation of development initiatives


The second level intends to develop practical skills required to operate in the sector. It covers theoretical and practical exploration of development and emergency cooperation, including actors and strategies of intervention, emergency relief, natural resource management, conflict prevention and post-conflict reconstruction. Special attention will be devoted to transversal issues such as food security, environmental sustainability, community-based development initiatives. The development of personal skills is also stressed for an efficient career management. Professional Training activities are based on team work, workshops, seminars, and role playing. The professionals and experts involved in these activities operate in NGOs, international organizations, public administration and companies.

Areas of study:

  • Development Actors and Strategies 5 CFU
  • Crisis Prevention, Relief and Recovery 5 CFU
  • Development Aid and Governance 6 CFU
  • Partnerships for Human Rights and Development 5 CFU
  • Enhancing Professional and Cooperative Skills 4 CFU

3rd Level - PROJECT WORK 5 CFU

4th Level – INTERNSHIP 5 CFU

Academic Year
Scienze politiche e sociali
Course Location
ASERI - via San Vittore 18
Application deadline
30 October 2017