Master in Economics and International Policies - MEPIN


MEPIN has an interdisciplinary approach and provides participants with analytical competences and scientific tools, which are essential  to understand the economic and political phenomena related to globalization. The Program offers both specific  knowledge on Economics, Finance, Law, Institutions, International Policies and wider and multidisciplinary skills on the topics of Sustainable Development, Microcredit and Business Ethics.

The program is mainly taught in Italian, some courses are in English.


First and second Semester at Università della Svizzera italiana

  • Economic Area
  • Legal Area
  • Political and Institutional Area
  • Interdisciplinary Area

Third Semester at ASERI - Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

  • Economic Area
  • Institutional Area
  • Political Area
Academic Year
Scienze politiche e sociali
Application deadline
30 June 2017