Master in International Cooperation and Development 2015-16


The political, economic and social development of least developed countries is one of the major challenges of globalization. Growing interdependence and integration offer a chance to strengthen cooperative North-South and South-South relations, engaging different agents, including governments, international organizations, and civil society actors. The call to cooperation is urgent: poverty, inequality, conflict, instability, and uncertainty still affect everyday life of a majority of world population.

The Master in International Cooperation and Development - MIC&D offers a privileged framework for designing tentative solutions to the above mentioned issues through the action of governmental and non-governmental agents, bridging gaps among people, groups and institutions.

Prof. Mario Agostino MaggioniMIC&D Director

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Il Master è stato accreditato da INPS Gestione Dipendenti Pubblici che ha assegnato per l’a.a. 2015/2016 n. 2 borse di studio in favore degli iscritti, figli e orfani di iscritti e di pensionati dell’INPS Gestione Dipendenti Pubblici. I candidati interessati, oltre a presentare la domanda di ammissione all’Università, dovranno inviare apposita domanda all’amministrazione INPS secondo le indicazioni pubblicate nel bando di concorso.

Academic Year
Scienze politiche e sociali
Application deadline
30 October 2015