Master in Middle Eastern Studies 2016-17

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“This Master provided me with specific competencies on the region, through a multidisciplinary lens, allowing me to study academically topics that before I had only addressed through personal researches and gave me the chance to put all this into practice, through a three-month internship with Musawah, the Global Movement for Equality and Justice in the Muslim Family, based at Sisters in Islam in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

This last year at ASERI was a very intensive journey.

During the first six months, we were fully immersed in classes and exams going at a very fast pace, with many challenging moments. We were privileged to receive the teachings of a distinguished international faculty, with scholars and professionals coming from all over the world, and to catch the perspective of each of them. Every class was an occasion for us to learn, to think, to ask, to wonder, to discuss, to question. All the subjects that we studied were like pieces of an harmonious puzzle: we were asked to put all of them together, in a way that at the end of the day it could finally make sense.

What I appreciated most is the approach of this Master: we have been taught the importance of having a critical attitude and always being curious, challenging stereotypes, refusing simplistic views, looking beyond the end of one’s nose to understand such a complex and diverse reality like the Middle East. The MIMES guided us through all the nuances of this universe. This is exactly what we were looking for. We all shared a voracious curiosity and commitment to explore, with a view to broadening our horizons. With different backgrounds and nationalities and with a specific reason for being here, each of us gave something to the others, adding value to this experience.“

Libera Chiara D’Acunto, MIMES student 2014-2015

Academic Year
Scienze politiche e sociali
Application deadline
30 November 2016