School of Global Politics 2014

The new Middle East: persisting vulnerability and new challenges

Course Overview

The School of Global Politics has been conceived as a cycle of seminars about international political issues, tackled by some of the most important specialists in the topics covered.

The 2014 edition focuses on three relevant issues in the analysis of the contemporary Middle East: first, the foreign strategies of Iran and the Gulf States in the post-2011 regional order; second, the gender "question" in Arab and Islamic societies; third, the role of the military in the post-Arab spring era. The aim is to propose some insights into how these historic trends came to pass and to reflect on where it might be headed.

The events occurred in 2011 revolutionized the Middle Eastern geopolitical context: new balances emerged in this region and apparently solid regimes rapidly collapsed. The Arab countries are now facing the complexity of unpredicted political shifts. Syria has fallen into a cruel conflict, whose spillover effect has been critically affecting neighboring countries; Egypt is going through a controversial counter-revolution. Longer-term challenges need to be faced and political reforms are urgent.

Lectures will be given by scholars coming from the best Universities in the Middle East: a unique feature combining scientific approach with the closeness to political reality.


The School of Global Politics aims at providing an overview of the international dynamics through different academic analysis. For this purpose the subjects will be discussed with a method that combines economic, political and social perspectives.

Participants' profile

The Program is addressed to scholars, students (graduate and postgraduate level) and professionals, who wish to deepen their knowledge on the Middle Eastern scenario, its evolution in the very next years, its political and economic consequences on the Arab societies, attending a highly qualified training path.

Certificate of attendance

A final Certificate of attendance issued by the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore will be provided to participants (4 lectures minimum).


• Introducing a world class of Italian and international faculty providing the expertise to enable an accurate reading of global phenomena
• Deepening knowledge of the international environment and its dynamics
• Debating and investigating the current and future scenarios and perspectives of the Arab world
• Top level lectures expert in addressing both scholars and professionals
• Dedicated staff
• XX Century villa in the heart of Milan


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Academic Year
Start date
05 May 2014
End date
27 May 2014