Summer School in Poverty Eradication: Access to Land, Access to Food



World food production largely exceeds the quantity required for feeding the global population. Yet, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, 870 million people still suffer from hunger, the vast majority living in poor countries. Since most of them lives in rural areas and base their livelihood on agriculture and related activities, a sustainable growth of this sector is a priority in the international development agenda. Moreover, the unprecedented global competition for access to land and natural resources, including large-scale cultivable land acquisitions by national and international investors in poor countries, calls for urgent action in our world, currently facing other relevant challenges to food security such as demographic growth, increasing urbanization, and the effects of climate change.
In this scenario eradicating extreme poverty and hunger requires promoting an equitable access to land, inclusive production models specifically targeted to small farmers and women, and improving food security and safety.

EXPO2015, to be held in Milano from May to October 2015, will address the issue Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. In view of this event and the developing of the post 2015 Agenda for development, ASERI - Graduate School of Economics and International Relations, in collaboration with the Università Cattolica ExpoLAB, organizes a Summer School in Poverty Eradication: Access to Land, Access to Food.

The Summer School in Poverty Eradication aims at:
- providing a broad outline over land access and food security, in a multidisciplinary perspective;
- engaging a discussion on viable solutions towards poverty eradication and sustainability;
- combining ethical principles with realistic policy options and cooperation practices.


We gladly welcome applications from:
- postgraduate students and young graduates in different disciplines with a strong interest in the issues of food security, access to land and development;
- professionals from NGOs and International Organizations committed to rural development and poverty eradication;
- professionals from the agri-food sector.

The maximum number of admitted applicants is limited to 30, in order to foster interactions among participants and faculty.


The Summer School will be held at ASERI, in the XX century villa in the heart of Milan, Via San Vittore 18.

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Academic Year
Application deadline
27 August 2014
Start date
01 September 2014
Teaching period
September 1-4, 2014