The Leading Scholars' Program 2009 - II edition

Facing the crisis for good

The global economic and financial crisis has been constantly present in the studies and speeches in the political and economic world during the last two years, as well as in the media and in the academic arena. The extent of the crisis and its consequences compel us to consider some issues: is the current crisis more a consequence of scant control over the international financial sector or is it the outcome of the global imbalance? Are the new international cooperation schemes -such as the G20- destined to change the framework of global governance? Which is the role for Europe in this new framework? In which way is the return of protectionism -mainly under trade disputes- delaying economic recovery? Which are the foreseeable long-term consequences regarding the crisis' timing and the way it has been faced? Has the crisis put into discussion the current production model or is it just a transitory crisis?

The Leading Scholar's Program 2009 will be focused on the analysis of these issues, thanks to the contribution of renowned scholars.

The Leading Scholars' Program, in its 9th edition, is a series of conferences aimed at students, graduates and professionals with a deep interest in global politics and economics. The conferences are a unique opportunity to discuss the main topics of current international politics. Their excellence is guaranteed by the participation of experts and scholars from the most prestigious universities in the world.

Thaught in English.

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Academic Year
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07 October 2009