The Leading Scholars' Program 2009

Questioni e Quadranti
Reasoning on Regions

Geopolitics in the next decade

The world is now fragmented. The traditional concept of international system, where nation-States used to be the sole important unit to be considered, has changed. Different logics came to the fore on a regional scale and consequently a region such as Europe maintained its privileged position of post-modern peace zone, while some other regions -like Asia, Middle East, Africa and Latin America - tend to internal rivalry.

In spite of this increasing fragmentation, another important characteristic of current world politics is a deep interconnection within and among regions. Regions are increasingly becoming complex units, harbouring different regional societies, ruled by different norms, principles and expectations. This situation can be seen both as a serious risk, because of the high potential for conflict, and as an opportunity to join together these societies and their cultures in order to succeed in finding credible and sustainable paths to cooperation.

The Leading Scholar's Program 2009 will be focused on the analysis of these issues, thanks to the contribution of renowned scholars.

The Leading Scholars' Program, in its 8th edition, is a series of conferences aimed at students, graduates and professionals with a deep interest in global politics and economics. The conferences are a unique opportunity to discuss the main topics of current international politics. Their excellence is guaranteed by the participation of experts and scholars from the most prestigious universities in the world.

Thaught in English.


This cycle of seminars is being carried out thanks to a collaboration between Regione Lombardia and Università Cattolica. It is expected to increase the appeal of the Lombard territory and intensify investment on human capital.

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Academic Year
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07 April 2009