The Leading Scholars' Program 2010

How to reach cooperative solutions to global problems?

The need to face multilateral global issues like climate change, international trade, energy resources' management, food security, the fight against terrorism, etc, is not exactly new. However, in dealing with these issues we still have not satisfactorily met the expectations of the global community, as can be illustrated by the unsuccessful Doha Round or be the meagre output of the Copenhagen Summit.

Because of the nature of these issues, we should not inquire whether cooperation might be useful to overcome these global problems, but "how". Will there be any change in the multilateral management of these topics by the US? In which way will global security threats be faced? Is a multilateral agreement in the economic and financial realms possible? How feasible is a major understating between the US and China? How will the positions of emerging countries such as Brazil or India be taken into consideration? What will the position of Europe be towards the US and emerging powers in the management of these issues?

The Leading Scholars' Program, in its 10th edition, is a series of conferences aimed at students, graduates and professionals with a deep interest in global politics and economics. The conferences are a unique opportunity to discuss the main topics of current international politics. Their excellence is guaranteed by the participation of experts and scholars from the most prestigious universities in the world.

Taught in English.

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Academic Year
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16 March 2010