Mirsafa Masoumeh

An architect by profession, Masoumeh Mirsafa holds a Master's Degree in Urban Design and Planning from Azad University in Iran and another master's in Sustainable Urban Design from Lund University, Sweden. Her thesis, an empirical study conducted in historical cities and old urban fabrics with a focus on old city of Yazd in Iran, is a scholarly endeavor to explore, understand and improve the grassroots' perceptions of older fabrics. She also conducted a project to enhance the design of "ecological based development in small towns". The project is an effort to map out patterns which define the urban growth, among other factors, through identification and planning of ecological infrastructure and potentials of local community as essential components for sustaining human society.

At Center for Middle Eastern Studies of Lund University (CMES), Masoumeh worked as a project assistant in a project on "Women in Public Spaces in Iran". As a cross-disciplinary comparative study in collaboration between CMES and School of Architecture and Environmental Design of Lund University, it endeavors to address and compare a wider array of perspectives on gendered urban spaces with the focus on women-only parks in Iran.

Currently, she is a PhD candidate at Department of Architecture and Urban Studies of Politecnico di Milano. For her PhD, she works on "Domestic-Scale Water Recycling System" in which she aims to identify how better water management can help Iran's rapid and unsustainable urbanization.

personal page: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/masoumeh-mirsafa/24/756/970

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