Summer School - Managing International Relations

Managing International Relations

Summer School in Managing International Relations – delivered entirely in English and totally free!

Those who are already working, or are getting ready to work, in an international environment face a number of key challenges. They have to endeavor to understand the major international political economic and security dynamics in order to be able to forecast the direction they will take in the future. The capabilities needed to accomplish this make for a truly value-added skills set for a globalized world which is increasingly characterized by complex, interconnected issues in constant evolution.

A key challenge that students and professionals face is that of understanding the evolution of nowadays international relations. The world is more and more characterized by global, mutant, interconnected and complex relationships.

An International Relations Manager is someone who, by choice or necessity, deals with processes and dynamics such as:

  • Managing information flows, trying to acquire useful, proper and trustworthy knowledge about what is happening at global level;
  • Understanding political, economic and security dynamics and scenarios, such as the Libyan conflict, trade wars and how they can affect economic growth; the evolution in the Oil&Gas sector and the related geopolitical tensions, or the economic and political consequences generated by health crises like the one produced by the Coronavirus…;
  • Producing analyses and evaluations able to support decision-makers.

To be able to face the complexity and changes of the global context with mastery, it is necessary to have appropriate methodological tools and adequate skills.

The "Managing International Relations" programme aims to provide a useful basis of knowledge and competence to better cope with analyzing, understanding and forecasting global relations and dynamics. Take the chance to learn more by attending this intensive free edition.




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