How to apply


Managing International Relations

How to apply

MOOC: The starting point

Participation in the MOOC is free.
Registrations will be open starting May 14th and until June 30th.

In order to participate in this introductory unit, you will need to sign up onto the "Open Education" platform and register for the "Managing International Relations" MOOC  (sign up here). Please download the tutorial (at the end of this page) and follow the instructions.

E-LEARNING COURSE: Analyzing and understanding the complexity of a changing world

The registration fee for the e-learning course is € 299 + VAT. For students currently enrolled at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore the registration fee is € 199 + VAT.
To register to the e-learning course, please fill the online application form.

Application deadline September 17th. However due to the technical time needed in creating the personal account, it is suggested to send the application one week before the deadline.

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