Managing International Relations


“Managing International Relations. Analyze, understand and forecast the complexity of a changing world”

Dates:  July 8th – September 25th

  • Introduction

XXI Century key Issues. How to navigate in the troubled waters of nowadays’ international relations

  • Course overview

Who is a manager in international relations?

  • Module 1

OSINT and data gathering: the strategic role of information and how to deal with it

  • Module 2

Actors, Interests, Resources: what I need to know to analyze events, dynamics, and trends in international relations

  • Module 3

The analyst: how to design, make and disseminate an analysis

  • Module 4

Geopolitical and Geo-economics scenarios: key elements and trends

Lessons are recorded, so they will be available and accessible any time within the period between July 8th and September 25th.

A final test, multiple choice, at the end of the whole course will complete your absorbed knowledge (illimitate attempts).

a) Video lessons             
b) Reading and study materials               
c) Assignments and exercises
d) Discussion Forum

The MOOC course will require an average of 12 hours of work/study in total.


For those who will pass the final test (illimitate attempts), a certificate of attendance is released at the end of the course to download from Open Education platform.

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