Managing International Relations

Analyze, explain and forecast the Pandemic’s effects in a complex world

July 19-23, 2021
5 days online live lectures


The summer school offers a 5 days full immersion on-line course, from Monday to Friday, with live lessons in the morning (3 hours) and individual activities of study, in depth contributions of experts and self-assessment activities in the afternoon.
On the last day, a 4-hour workshop ending with a group-work is planned. To enhance interaction and promote debate, an on-line forum will be available for participants. Live sessions will be recorded.


Course Overview: Managing international relations
Prof Aldo Pigoli, UCSC

What is a manager in international relations? What are the knowledge base and the skills needed to manage international relations?

Introduction: The new challenges
Prof Vittorio Emanuele Parsi, UCSC

Vulnerable: How the pandemic is changing politics and the world

Module 1: OSINT and data gathering
Prof Aldo Pigoli, UCSC

The strategic role of information and how to deal with it

Expert Contribution
Intelligence analysis: approaches and tools for the decision maker
Mirko Lapi, Intelligence expert and President, OsintItalia - Social Promotion Association


Module 2: Actors, Interests, Resources: what I need to know
Prof Aldo Pigoli, UCSC

How to analyze events, dynamics, and trends in international relations

Expert contribution
Managing information to protect business activities in critical times
Mark W. Lowe, CEO Monact Risk Assessment Services Ltd


Module 3: How to make an analysis
Prof Aldo Pigoli, UCSC

How to design, make and disseminate an analysis

Expert Contribution
How unexpected factors should be considered from an analytical point of view: the case of the Mediterranean area
Riccardo Fabiani, North Africa Project Director, International Crisis Group


Module 4: Key Geopolitical and Geo-economics factors
Prof Aldo Pigoli, UCSC

What are the key elements to take into consideration when dealing with geopolitical and geo-economic scenarios?

Expert contribution
The European Union and the pandemic: reflections and scenarios.
Prof Oreste Foppiani, Head of International Relations Department, Webster University Geneva


Workshop and group-works: Analyse and disseminate
Prof Aldo Pigoli, UCSC

Search for data & information, produce an analysis, make a presentation.

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