Master in International Relations - MIR


"The year spent at ASERI, at the Master in International Relations has been a highly enriching experience from every point of view. The plus of the Master, for me, is given by the diversity I had to face every single day in the class, where everything was an opportunity to discuss and confront with other students and professors of different backgrounds, nationalities and cultures. Almost six months after the end of the Master I can say that all my expectations have been completely satisfied: I feel I have gained a better understanding of myself and of the world and the people around me."

Michele Varalda, Consultant, Risk & Compliance, KPMG Advisory SpA, MIR 2015-2016, Italy

"I am convinced that "there is no comfort in comfort" that is why when I finished my Bachelor's Degree, I began a new adventure in my professional career path. I enrolled the Master in International Relations in 2011, and it was a one-year journey that allowed me to understand better the changing conditions and needs in the markets, but the most important, gave me the sensibility for understanding and interacting with people that have different origins. Nowadays, I am back in Italy providing leadership in strategic account management activities in a multinational company."

Juliette Rodríguez Barrera, Strategic Account Manager Assistant, Deloitte, MIR 2010-2011, Colombia

"I lived a great experience during my master at ASERI, I had the opportunity to meet outstanding professionals, both professors and my fellow students, and to challenge myself to succeed in the study of international relations science and institutions."

Felipe Aguilera Pereyra, Broking Specialist, Marsh Mclennan Co, MIR 2013-2014, Bolivia

"During my ASERI experience, I learned almost as much from my colleagues as I did from my professors. Our various personal and professional experiences deepened our classroom discussions and created learning opportunities outside of our reading material. I also thoroughly enjoyed studying with accomplished professors, who encouraged me to seek to understand our world in new ways. All of this with the background of the beautiful city of Milan – what a special opportunity it was to study at ASERI!".

Laurel Zigerelli, Deputy Project Manager & Latin America Research Analyst, Ascendant Program Services, LLC, MIR 2014-2015, USA

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