Managing International Relations 2018


Summer School - Managing International Relations

Managing International Relations

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A new edition of the online Summer School in Managing International Relations – delivered entirely in English!

Those who are already working, or are getting ready to work, in an international environment face a number of key challenges. They have to endeavor to understand the major international political economic and security dynamics in order to be able to forecast the direction they will take in the future. The capabilities needed to accomplish this make for a truly value-added skills set for a globalized world which is increasingly characterized by complex, interconnected issues in constant evolution.

Managers in International Relations, whether by choice or necessity, need to be able to deal with a wide range of tasks:
- Gather and use information at an international level, in order to build a proper knowledge base and to be better prepared to make decisions;
- Understand political, economic and security changes and their evolution, e.g. Brexit, currency wars, the conflict in Syria and so on;
- Manage negotiation processes in a multicultural world.

The Managing International Relations course is aimed at university students, young professionals and experienced workers. Participants build up a toolkit which they can use to better understand, analyze and manage international relations.

After successfully holding the online summer school on "Managing International Relations" since 2015, ASERI is now offering the second edition of this summer school course delivered entirely in English.

There are two parts to the Managing International Relations course:

- PART ONE: an introductory unit delivered as a MOOC (Massive Online Open Course).
Dates: June 8th – July 13th.
- PART TWO: a full and complete E-learning course.
Dates: September 14th – October 19th.

Part One (MOOC – free online module) gives the opportunity to explore the course structure, the learning methodology, and see who the instructors are. The content of this module will also be used for the subsequent E-learning course.

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