Master in Middle Eastern Studies - MIMES


First Level Specializing Master

Master in Middle Eastern Studies - MIMES

Academic Year: 2018/19

Course Location: Milan

Application deadline: 30th October 2018


“The Master in Middle Eastern Studies - MIMES is tailored for graduates of various disciplines and backgrounds, who are interested in obtaining a better knowledge of the Middle East region, taking into account its social-historical complexity and cultural plurality. The program aims to offer solid historical, political and institutional perspectives of the current domestic, regional and international dynamics affecting the stability of the region, as well as a critical outlook on current debates over the Middle East. Its distinguished international Faculty is composed by renowned professors from the Middle East, Europe and the U.S., who have generally a long experience as field-researchers or in situ professionals.”


The Diploma

1st level Specializing Master's Degree by the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Italian Law D.M. 509/99) will be granted at the end of the Master’s course upon achievement of 60 CFU, gained through the attendance to all the Master activities and the positive results in the examinations taken.

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