Alumni: Emily's career from MIMES to Med'Or

What can make us, at ASERI, prouder that an Alumna success story? Read what Emily Tasinato, MIMES 2020-21, has to say about her academic experience at the Master in Middle Eastern Studies and about her rocketing career. Thanks Emily for your precious testimony!

“My passion for the Middle East has developed gradually, from the very start of my university career. Strongly motivated by the desire to strengthen my knowledge of the complexities and nuances of the Middle East region, I decided to undertake the specialized Master in Middle Eastern Studies (MIMES) at ASERI. And this was the best choice I could have made! For me, MIMES was a real watershed and a meaningful academic experience, for two main reasons. 

Firstly, thanks to its inspiring, international faculty, MIMES is a stimulating environment where constructive dialogue is articulated and new, critical thinking is encouraged. Through a multi-disciplinary approach, MIMES provided me with the analytical tools needed for developing thorough evaluations of current geopolitical and socioeconomic dynamics of the region, coupled with forecasting analysis. 

Secondly, MIMES also made my first work experience a possibility. Indeed, at the end of the MIMES’ program, I got the chance to start an internship at the Med-Or Leonardo Foundation – which has, at its core, the development of geo-economic and socio-cultural partnerships with the countries of the broader Mediterranean. Now, and for more than a year, I have been employed at the International Relations Unit of the Foundation covering several tasks such as participating in Foundation-led research projects and contributing to the organization of Med-Or events. 

Furthermore, the opportunity that I have had to travel to the UAE to attend conferences and connect with Gulf researchers and experts, showcases the pivotal role this working experience is playing in my professional and personal growth. Indeed, the Gulf region, in particular, has always held a special fascination for me and is one on which I strive to focus. For all these reasons, I will always be grateful to MIMES for having prepared the way for me to keep pursuing my interests and aspirations in the field of International Relations in the Middle East

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