International Economics

If we take the etymology of the word, Economics is about how we, human beings, organize our home (oikos). That is: how we shape our dwelling, and our relationship, in view of satisfying our material and non-material needs. In facts, no man is an island,  and no one lives by bread alone. Thus, International Economics is about different peoples and nations finding ways to satisfy their needs, and interacting within our common home, the Earth.

We live in a rapidly changing, fascinating world. Counties and peoples are strongly interconnected, for both good and bad. Trade and investments, finance and migrations, supply chains and economic power, natural resources and environment, emerging and declining regions, convergence and divergence, poverty and inequality, technological change and social innovation: these and other factors shape our daily life. We need to understand and govern economic interdependence, for living together in our common home.


Master in Economics and International Policies - MEPIN


Expire31 July 2021

Master in Economics and International Policies - MEPIN

Two Universities. Two Years. Two Degrees.  




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