MEPIN student's speech

Master in Economics and International Policies

"Dear Professors

Dear Friends and Family

Good afternoon

It is a pleasure and honour for me to make this brief address today, but I have to admit I am also quite nervous, because it is the first time I have to make a speech in such an important occasion. I hope I can be as good as the speakers who came before me.

When I was asked to do it I thought about something Machiavelli wrote in his Il Principe, which has stuck in my mind, since the first time I read it. He said that to be able to make great things a man need two things: quality and opportunity. One without the other is useless.

Certainly, this Master gave us the right tools to recognize good opportunities, in a variety of different fields, and to use our best qualities to take advantage of them.

In fact, what makes this master so interesting is that it balances economics with international policy and law with many other topics. Also, it underlines and it made us understand the fundamental connections between such fields; and how they interact and evolve.

Indeed this was the very reason why I choose this master in the first place. I was looking for something to study that also interested me, and not just because it would make it easier to find a job afterwards. Back then, I was thinking about study banking and finance. However, why study something that doesn't really get you, if it condemns you to do something you don't really like?

Then, by chance, I found the master in economics and international policies offered by University of Lugano and Università Cattolica, and I knew that was my choice. I was looking for similar programs all over Europe, but I couldn't find anything similar. I also wanted to study abroad, and this Master make that possible too. It was indeed unique.

So, first of all I would like to thank the Master Directors, Prof. Parsi and Prof. Cencini, for having designed a very challenging, but also incredibly rewarding program.

Secondly, I want to thank all the professors that made this program so interesting and full of contents. I thank you because you didn't just explained notions, but you helped us to understand complex topics, to critically look at them, and often you pushed us to challenge your positions about them.

Then I would like to thank my classmates. This one-year and a half wouldn't have been so interesting without a wonderful group of friends. And I believe to speak for all of us when I say that the time spent together was great not only during university, but of course especially outside classes. For those of us that were able to live in Lugano and Milan I am sure it was an amazing experience and you fully lived it.

Finally, special thanks goes to Irene Marangoni, for her unbelievable work to help us in every occasion and in every way possible. It wouldn't be the same without you, and I really mean it. Last but not the least, thanks to Nadia Moscato we may not noticed her that much but she certainly knows us very well. Thanks for all the amazing help and support.

An Italian entrepreneur once said "most of the work is yet to be done, this is why the future is wonderful". Today we celebrate a great achievement. Thanks to our efforts and to those who supported us: family, friends and professors. But today it is just the first step. The real journey starts here. And so I wish to all of us to have many other achievements to celebrate in the future.

Thank you very much and congratulations."

Alessandro Gangarossa

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