MIMES student's speech

Master in Middle Eastern Studies

"Dear Professors, Colleagues, and Friends,

firstly, I would like to thank you all for attending this true moment of memory. A moment that is characterized by both sadness because of the feeling of separation from a wonderful experience but also hope as it is the beginning of a new chapter in our lives.

A wonderful year has so quickly ended amid an enriching learning environment, unparalleled lectures, and demanding studies. For sure, it will remain as a lifetime experience. Personally, this was my second master, and, in my experience, it was distinguished by spectacular human features and rich content. These two unique dimensions represent the highest distinction of the Master in Middle Eastern Studies.

At ASERI we found an energizing, friendly and stimulating educational environment that builds up the ultimate human richness of the Master. This led our course go much beyond a standard master on the Middle East, since it taught us the value of respecting diversity and plurality.

What amazed me the most were professors and their handling of students. Such well-known professors always welcoming to us was the peak of the ethical lesson of the Master. I got always influenced by this kindness and human aspect. I thank them all.

Besides, the Master was a wonderful moment to cultivate friendship and team work. Our class was made up of 9 astonishing students who practiced unity and spoke together in one voice. This unity gave us power and courage, a lesson for our life. We were always hungry to grasp the true explaining variables of the main dynamics, and always eager to stress and test different perspectives.

The other unique dimension of the Master in Middle Eastern Studies was the rich content of its courses. The lessons were such well-constructed and planned so that they were able to hand over to us an astonishing huge amount of knowledge in compact intensive modules, making the impossible possible.

The multi-disciplinary nature of lessons and the critical approach employed throughout the course enabled us to perform critical thinking, pushing to a deeper understanding of politics and international relations. The great combination of professors, including former ambassadors, members of international organizations, the private sector and think thanks, each one representing different perspectives, was one or the main factor contributing to it.

The Master transformed my understanding of our complex world, especially of the geostrategic region of the Middle East, and bolstered the feeling of my responsibility towards people coming from this fascinating region. The course enabled me to get rid of stereotypes about the region. The diversity and mixture of cultures, social pluralism and their historical co-existence deeply rooted in the region fascinates me. I realized how the interlinking of people, state rivalries, and internal dynamics could complicate the situation, and even lead to instability and violence in the absence of an inclusive global order. I said the lack of inclusive global order, because events in the Middle East are a clear sign showing how the current global order excludes major ancient civilizations. The political exclusion now extends to social exclusion of Middle Easterners. US travel ban and even Europe's Visa regulation are all signs of it. The fact that the Middle East could not be separated from Europe both historically and politically convinced me that it should remain as my personal research agenda.

I would like to give a special thanks to the Professor who made the master possible, Professor Riccardo Redaelli, and also other distinguished Professors, Bahgat Korany, Mehran Kamrava, Wael Farouq, Ibrahim Al-Marashi, Andrea Plebani and last but not least to Dr. Anna Lisa Pinchetti, for her kind, helpful, and always professional support throughout the course.

Once again, I would like to express my congratulations to my fellow graduates and hope them all the best.

Thank you."

Anita Corona

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