MIR student's speech

Master in International Relations

"Dear Professors, Dear Families and Friends, Dear fellow ASERIs,

19 weeks and 3 days,10 exams and 12 essays, over 20 courses, or - to put it in more relatable terms - 20.180 whats app messages in our ASERI group.

I remember all too well our first class with Professor Colombo in January. Looking around at your unknown faces in bewilderment and realizing you were all equally as lost in that course as I was. Today, all those unknown faces have become friends, and the collective confusion, although it never fully disappeared, at least decreased.

I came to Milan to study international relations. When I found out about this Master's program, I was impressed by the variety of classes and the many internationally renowned professors that would teach them. As I was always set on pursuing a career in foreign or international affairs, I decided to apply and I was not disappointed. Although our experience was sometimes tough and the schedule very tight, I believe we were all able to take away a lot from this program. Our classes were interesting and informative ranging from economics to politics to law to culture and so much more. Our teachers were resourceful, and open for discussions and I was so impressed by all of my fellow classmates.

We developed a group dynamic I suppose no one ever really expected. Our lively discussions and different experiences and opinions made the courses so much more diverse and complex and I believe we each gained equally as much insight through our own diversity as we did through the classes. We did not just study international relations, we are international relations.

The course also offered the opportunity of an internship. I have been working at the embassy of the United States of America in Berlin for the past 2 months. The experience has taught me much and strengthened my convictions and trust in the international community. More importantly, we were all able to all find internships or jobs that are equally as diverse and exciting as we are as a class. Working in embassies, the UN, big companies, and even fashion schools, we are ready to conquer the world.

I would like to seize this opportunity to thank all the people that helped us get so far. The director of ASERI, Professor Parsi, our director of the Master in International Relations, Professor Zoboli, our faithful tutors Elisa and Melody, who were always there when we needed help, Nadia, for making ASERI what it is and who always had kind words for us, and my fellow classmates, my ASERI family. Without you, this experience would never have been as amazing as it was. We may now all be unemployed, but at least we gained 24 new homes all over the world.

Eleven months after our first class we are all sitting here, we have grown close and become friends and even family. It is now time for us to go out into the world and start making it a better place. While our internships may have already spread us all over the world, from Washington D.C. to Geneva, from Berlin to The Hague, and our future jobs will do this even more so, I truly believe that one day we will all meet again. Remember, the world of international relations may be vast, but it's also a small one.

I know we will all achieve great things, but for now it is with the utmost certainty that I can tell you, guys: Today is finally the day!!!

Thank you for you attention and please don't forget to sign the register."

Mia Klein

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