NATO Internship: the best experience of my life!

May 2023.

The 2023 round of internships at the NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Italy is officially over. 
For two months, six  students from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of the Faculty of Political Sciences were involved in a research and policy analysis for the military command and staff, both online and at the NATO RDC Base in Solbiate Olona. 
Our students focused their analysis on the MENA region and studied the political, economic and social dynamics of the different countries to "try to anticipate the challenges that we will surely face".

After a period of online training the Cattolica group took part in the on-the-filed project in the NATO base and, finally, presented their work in front of the NATO personell and a Università Cattolica representative. 

“Analysing the countries of North Africa, in their strengths and weaknesses, has made us realise how regional dynamics intersect decisively with global dynamics: what happens in our closest neighbourhood can directly impact the security and peace of Europe and the Atlantic area as a whole.” commented Andrea, one of the trainees.

"The experience at NRDC ITA was extremely formative. It gave me the opportunity to interface with the analysis methodologies that NATO personnel employ in their daily work.” added Gaetano Montiagna. “In addition to the practical knowledge gained, the internship was useful in understanding which path to follow in order to build a curriculum suitable for pursuing a career in international security. In addition, it was more than enjoyable to work closely with the men and women of the Italian armed forces and NATO, who are excellent people on a professional and human level."

“It was one of the best experiences of my life. Grateful and honoured to have taken part in this internship and to have contributed to the work of one of the most important international organisations in the world. Working with the military and getting to know their world was wonderful. It was also a life experience, through which I met fantastic people who will remain in my heart.” conclulded Samira.

Congratulations on your wonderful work Gaetano MONTAGNA, Lara AGNOLETTI, Andrea SACCO ZAUT, Samira MOHAMED SLIEM, Leonardo PIACENTINI, Manfredi CARUSO!

And thanks to the NATO Rapid Deployable Corps for the opportunity given to our students!

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