Albani Lylen

Graduated in Communication at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, Lylen Albani has been working since 2004 in Cesvi as Campaign Officer designing and implementing awareness raising, education and communication campaigns funded by institutional donors (European Union, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and private donors (companies and foundations).


In 2012 she became Campaigning Advisor, coordinating joint actions with the European network Alliance 2015 and Expo2015, and the Italian Editor of the Global Hunger Index.


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The Challenge of Hunger (taught with G. Agosti)
Economic, social and health issues are interconnected in the fight against global hunger as well as political instability, conflict, and climate change. Actions are not effective if they are not included in a holistic process of analysis, which includes policies, international reports and organizations’ results. The Global Hunger Index (GHI) is one of them and presents a multidimensional measure of hunger at the global, regional, national levels showing long-term progress in reducing hunger. The course focuses on the EU policies on food and nutrition security, with a special attention to DG DEVCO and DG ECHO Food and Nutrition Security Policies. Besides the EU, other actors, with new approaches and methods, are populating the international cooperation to fight against hunger, calling for new partnerships among stakeholders and involving the private sector. These new actors are introduced, and finally a development project for agricultural development, financed by DEVCO to Cesvi in Zimbabwe, is presented to students, reconciling the “old” policies and new approaches with a practical example.



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