Arango Orlando

European Investment Bank senior officer and Deputy Head of Division, spokesperson in Brussels and advisor of the Vice-president on the Management Committee.

In 1992-1995 Mr. Arango was project manager for scientific research at Fondazione Cariplo, Milan. In 1990-1992 he was marketing advisor at Sandoz Agro A.G., Basel. In 1984-1989 Mr. Arango was research economist at Nomisma, Bologna.

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The European Economy beyond the EU
The forging of a European economy in its broadest sense is emerging from the evolution of the European Union and its interaction with the surrounding countries in the continent and beyond. The political transition of the past two decades facilitates deploying investment networks that bring about the dissemination of transformational technologies. Societies are increasingly challenged by the fast-changing discrepancies between their traditions and their development aspirations. Investment plays a key role in the attempts to respond to the resulting tensions. The course will consider how investment activities are contributing to societal adaptations as new methods and techniques are adopted to address requirements of both the public and private sectors, as well as of their varied combinations. Against the background of the global financial system reshaped by demographics and the carrying capacity of natural resources, the stocks and flows of long-term investment signal how the main actors combine their efforts. In particular, the notion of investment risk (identification, transfer and management) will be examined with regard to the legal, institutional, organizational and operational frameworks. In addition to reference readings, students will benefit from classroom exercises.


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