Armao Fabio

Fabio Armao is Full Professor of International Relations in the Faculty of Political Science, University of Turin. He has been Visiting Professor at Cornell University. Founding member of T.wai, Torino World Affair Institute and member of the Editorial Board of ‘Global Crime'.

He is Co-convenor of the Standing Group on Organized Crime, European Consortium for Political Research. His research interests and publications focus on international wars and geopolitics, on non-state armed actors and transnational organized crime.

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International organized crime between economics and politics
The aim of the module is to analyze the different ways in which mafia organizations interact with the market and with the political sphere and the distortions that they introduce in the correct functioning of both the economic and political systems. It will be seen how the activity of the mafias affects both the local and the global dimension.
In concrete terms, it will be a matter of outlining the characters of complex crimes such as money laundering, but also the network of collusions and corruption in the absence of which the mafias could not survive.





















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