Ascari Raoul

Raoul Ascari is currently Chairman of Concrete Finance and ITARE, two consulting firms active in the Africa Region, offering business development and financial services in the infrastructure, agro-business and green technology sectors. Since July 2016 he has been with SACE S.p.A, the Italian Export Credit company where he covered several top positions. Since joining in 2000 he has been the Head of Risk Management, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer and finally Chief Global Officer. Mr. Ascari has been Board Member and Chairman of SACE BT, SACE S.p.A subsidiary operating in the Credit Insurance, Surety and Bonding industry and Member of the Board of SACE Fct, a subsidiary active in factoring. Between 2006 and 2009, Mr. Ascari served as Deputy Chairman and Chairman of the Berne Union Medium-long Term Committee. He teaches Post-graduate courses in Economic Development and International Trade at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan. Prior to joining SACE, Mr. Ascari worked for FIAT USA where he held the position of Vice President for International Finance and Head of the Washington DC FIAT office. His previous experience includes the World Bank, where he worked in the East Africa Region as Advisor to the Italian Executive Director and Member of the Board. Mr. Ascari holds a degree in Economics from the University of Bologna, Italy, and attended postgraduate studies at the University of Bradford, UK.




Growth and development in Africa after the COVID 19 pandemic
The African continent is facing a daunting challenge. While the sanitary impact of COVID 19 is still evolving and the contagion spreading, the economic consequences are displaying their devastating impact. The continent’s achievements over the past twenty years are jeopardized by COVID 19. How is the continent coping with the COVID 19 crisis? What is the policy response by national governments? What is the institutional capacity to carry forward the emergency strategy? What will be the long-term response to the crisis? What is the role of the international community?  What are the financial needs and how are they going to be funded? Africa is hardly a homogenous region. To understand a country reality we need a complex toolbox: history, international relations, social sociology, economics, etc. How can we develop a multidimensional approach?





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