Borsani Matteo Carlo

Managing Director of Confindustria Delegation to the EU. Responsible for setting and implementing the strategy of the office and coordinate a team of 20 people in a dynamic work environment. Reporting to the Confindustria Board.  Managing the budget of the Office and representing Confindustria in Brussels before European institutions and key stakeholders.

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Lobbying at the EU: basic principles and practice
The course explains why lobbying activity is conducted in Brussels and the definition of Lobby. It includes an overview of lobby to the EU Parliament, Council and Commission and its specific dynamics. The last part focuses on the EU Transparency register, outlines the assets of a lobbyist and addresses some case studies.
On the basis of real case analyses and practical examples, the objective of this seminar is introducing students to the lobbying activity at the European level and the skills required for lobbying. The aim is providing an explanation of the main dynamics that a lobbyist implement in order to realize a strategic lobby.


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