Brugnoni Alberto

Alberto G. Brugnoni, a former director of the Italian desk with Merrill Lynch Bank, is the Founding and Managing Partner of the ‘Associazione per lo Sviluppo di Strumenti Alternativi e di Innovazione Finanziaria' (ASSAIF -, the oldest Islamic finance consultancy in Europe.

Alberto is a consultant for the World Bank on micro-takaful, chaired the Advisory Council of the World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists, and chairs the International Takaful Summit in London since its 2007 inception. He regularly speaks at the major Islamic finance forums worldwide and gives presentations in Arabic, English, French and Italian. He, also, manages NuoviStilidiVita ( a consultancy on sustainability, financial and social inclusion, complementary currencies, and added territorial value. He funded Dulcarnon, a publishing house focusing on Islamic spirituality.



Islamic finance in practice: from World Bank (1986) to the TIEF (2018)
The seminar examines: Principles, Features, Modes of Financing. Are They Islamic only?; Overlapping areas; Core Drivers of the Islamic Economy; Key Players. It provides an Overview of Islamic Finance and Lifestyle; Islamic Finance; Halal Food; Travel and Tourism; Modest Fashion; Halal Pharmaceuticals; halal Cosmeticsm; Media and Recreation; Principles Leading to Professions; Governance and Shariah Scholars; Islamic Finance Knowledge; Raising Awareness; Breaking the Glass Wall; Pushing the Boundaries; Features Leading to Professions; Corporate Social Responsibility; Modes of Financing Leading to Professions.


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