Di Cera Fabio

Di Cera Fabio

Fabio di Cera has been working in multilateral diplomacy in Geneva since 2002, focusing on international trade, development and environment. He has been acting as Venezuelan delegate to the World Trade Organization current Doha Round, in the fields of industrial goods, agriculture and trade and environment, and he follows the Trade Policy Review of WTO Members and market access related issues.

He is also acting as national delegate to the different Geneva based Multilateral Environmental Agreements (chemical and waste conventions, heavy metals, conservation related conventions and weather and climate bodies). At the beginning of his career he was following the work – as national delegate – of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, the World Intellectual Property Organization and the Geneva based telecommunications fora (International Telecommunications Union - World Summit on Information Society).

He is a visiting professor and lecturer on multilateral diplomacy, with great focus on the Multilateral Trading System, and on developing country and Latin American-Caribbean perspectives, at different pre-graduate and postgraduate schools, such as ASERI, the University of Melbourne – Law School and the Webster University.

He graduated with honours in International Studies at the Universidad Central de Venezuela in Caracas (2000) and then earned a Master in Economics and International Relations from ASERI in Milan (2002). He received the ASERI Students Association (ASA) Career Award in 2003.


personal page: https://ch.linkedin.com/pub/fabio-di-cera-paternostro/40/36b/927

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