Diez Martino

Martino Diez is researcher in Arabic Language and Literature at the Catholic University of Milan. He earned his PhD in Oriental Studies in 2007 from Ca' Foscari University of Venice. From 2008 to 2016 he was lecturer in Arabic Language and Arabic Culture at the Catholic University of Milan. Since 2009 he has been scientific director of the Oasis International Foundation (www.oasiscenter.eu) and scientific editor of its multi-lingual journal since 2011. He is a member of the Commission of Inquiry on Radicalization and Jihadi Extremism established by the Italian Government in September 2016.

Among his publications: Introduzione alla lingua araba. Origini, storia e attualità [An introduction to Arabic: Origins, History and Present], Vita e Pensiero, Milan 2012, Abū l-‘Alā' al-Ma‘arrī, L'epistola del perdono. Il viaggio nell'Aldilà [The Epistle of Forgiveness. The Journey to the Afterworld], Einaudi, Turin 2011, Abū t-Tayyib al-Mutanabbī, L'emiro e il suo profeta. Odi in onore di Sayf ad-Dawla al-Hamdanī [The Emir and His Prophet: Odes in praise of Sayf ad-Dawla al-Hamdanī], Ariele, Milan 2009 and Georges Anawati, L'ultimo dialogo. La mia vita incontro all'Islam [The last dialogue. My life-long experience with Islam], Marcianum Press, Venice 2010. He has co-edited with Andrea Plebani La galassia fondamentalista tra jihad armato e partecipazione politica [The Galaxy of Fundamentalism between Armed Jihad and Political Participation], Marsilio, Venice 2015.

personal page: http://docenti.unicatt.it/ita/martino_diez/



Glossary in Arabic 2
This course sets out to introduce the major conceptual categories in Islamic political thought, focusing in particular on the political vocabulary, its semantic dimension and the symbolic associations it engenders. At the end of the course the student will be able to properly locate concepts such as ‘Islamic State’, ‘caliph’, ‘sharia’, ‘jihad’, ‘muwatana (citizenship)’ etc., essential to the understanding of contemporary Middle East. No previous knowledge of Arabic is required.


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