Ferrazzi Matteo

Matteo Ferrazzi is senior economist at European Investment Bank (the “EU Bank”). He has been previously a manager and economist at UniCredit, leading the Economic Research network (macroeconomic, banking analysis, and strategy) of Central Eastern European countries, and he has been researcher at the think tank Prometeia. Matteo holds a M.Sc. in Economics at University of Modena and a postgraduate Master degree at Bocconi University. He is EMBA candidate at Politecnico of Milan. Author of various articles and contributions on Central Eastern European countries, and regularly speaking at various international conferences, Matteo Ferrazzi is author of 3 books: “Me ne vado a Est” (2012), “L’industria dell’auto” (2016), “Economics of Cars” (2018). Matteo Ferrazzi has been lecturer at Master ASERI (Alta Scuola di Economia e Relazioni Internazionali, at Catholic University in Milan) since 2011 and at University of Verona.

personal page: https://it.linkedin.com/pub/matteo-ferrazzi/6/7aa/85


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