Francesca Giordano

Research Fellow on resilience and trauma issues and Assistant Professor in child psychology – Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milano

PhD in child psychology in co-tutoring with the UCSC and the Université Paris XIII.  She belongs to the Resilience Research Unit ("Unità di ricerca sulla resilienza") team of the UCSC.

She conducted several studies focused on traumatic impact and resilience process in population exposed to different traumatic experiences such as natural catastrophes, violence, war and forced migration. She has coordinated psychosocial interventions based on assisted resilience approach for children, families and adults, victims of traumatic experiences.

She conducted several training on the field for social workers/operators engaged in the support of population exposed to adverse experiences in Sri Lanka, Italy, Cambodia, Pakistan, Haiti, Chile, Lebanon, Gaza Strip, Jordan, Ukraine, Nepal and Lithuania.

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