Galantini Luca

Luca Galantini graduated in Law with a thesis in History of the German Constitutional Law at the University of Parma.

He is specialized in International Humanitarian Law of Armed Conflicts, obtaining the diploma of Counselor in International Humanitarian Law at the International Humanitarian Law Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva

He was research fellow of European Law at the Scuola Superiore della Pubblica Amministrazione of the Italian Presidency and at NATO, at the Warsaw Academy of Political Sciences.

He was professor of International Law at the University La Sapienza in Rome and of European Political Institutions at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.

He taught, as visiting professor, European and International Political Institutions at the University of Turku (Finland), Jagellonica University of Cracow (Poland) and at the University of Monstar (Bosnia-Herzegovina).

He was Executive at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Expert Adviser for the European policies –  at the Secretariat of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

He was Legal Adviser at the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Technical Support Team for European Institutional Reforms – for the drafting of European Constitution Treaty.

He was professor of History of Modern Law and Political Institutions at the European University of Rome.

He was Scientific Director of several programs of the European Commission and the Italian government in the Balkans for State-building and the integration legislative policy of the former Yugoslavia countries in the EU, with particular reference to the protection of human rights, ethnic and religious minorities, creation of local authorities and prevention of religious radicalism.

He is lecturer in International Regimes – Institutions and Rules at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.

He is Faculty Member of the Graduate School of Economics and International Relations (ASERI) at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

He is visiting professor of “Negotiating Processes for the Promotion of Cooperation and Human Rights in International Regimes History” at Innopolis University, Kazan, Russia.

Luca Galantini is an official Italian army paratrooper - reserve role - with task of instructor of International Humanitarian Law and of Armed Conflicts.

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International humanitarian law
The course aims to provide an in-depth analysis of the regulatory framework for the protection of human rights at international political institutions in the context of international and non-international armed conflicts and in peacetime; the sources of international standards for the protection of human rights, the judicial protection of human rights standards in times of peace and in armed conflicts, the evolution of the relationship between international political institutions and states in this legal discipline.



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