Giuseppe Scaratti

Psychologist, full professor of Work and Organizational Psychology for the Faculty of Economics at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan. Main research interests are training and organizational change, training evaluation, quality and wellbeing in organization, qualitative methodology for organizational inquiry, knowledge sharing, organizational cultures and communities or practices, cooperation and conflict dynamics. Prof. Scaratti is member of the Scientific Committee of the International Project on Dalit Women Entrepreneurship in India and of the International Association of Qualitative Inquiry. He is also member of the Scientific Committee for the double agreement between Alberta Business School (Canada) and the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.




The Bafa bafa exercise
The exercise provides an in depth exploration of the relational dynamics within and between different group, focusing on the cultural implications in which such dynamics are entangled. Moving from this insight, a description of the concept of negotiation is provided.
This exercise was invented by Navy Personnel Research and Development Center in San Diego (California) for marines training. It was then adapted in 1979 by Pain pour le Prochain (Lausanne).
Participants in the Bafa Bafa exercise gain an awareness of the cultural features involved in dealing with process of negotiation in which cultural backgrounds are implicated. Such an awareness includes: Acknowledgement of cultural implications in the dynamics of intra and inter-organizational negotiation; Pointing out the specific attentions and conditions in order to cope with intercultural interactions; Strength and weaknesses of different negotiation models; Hints for a good enough negotiation practice.




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