Johaar Soraya

Ms. Johaar (South African) is a human resources expert and provides young professionals guidance on career development from CV/PHP writing to networking and how to prepare for the interview process.

She has over twenty years of work experience and has worked in diverse sectors such as civil service, inter-governmental organizations, NGOs and in the private sector. In her last post, she worked as Career Development Officer at UNESCO, Paris, where she worked with consultants to develop several career support training modules. She also counseled staff members on career issues. She was involved in several inter-agency projects such as the Career Development Roundtable consisting of participants from several UN organizations and Agencies. Her work also took her to several field offices, Brindisi, Jakarta, Delhi, Nairobi and Montevideo. At the United Nations Headquarter in New York, Ms. Johaar-Glick worked as a Consultant with DFS/DPKO on a special training project, the Senior Management Administrative Resource Training (SMART), aimed at training select staff members to take on more senior roles in administration. In the field, she completed her assignment as the Acting Head of Training and Career Development Unit for the UN Peacekeeping Mission in Kosovo serving approximately 3000 staff members.

She served on several panels on recruitment and provided trainings on the competency-based interview process and has developed, co-developed and delivered numerous trainings and career counseling sessions at Pisa, Trento and Milan Universities.

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How to Prepare for a Career in International Organizations
The module aims at help students set career goals for both the short- and long-term.
In this perspective it is important to:

  • Understand the current Internal Organisational landscape and trends.
  • Start actively engaging in the career-building activities that are most relevant to the students’ career stage.
  • Help individuals to gain greater self-awareness in areas such as interests, values, abilities, and personality style.
  • Connect students to resources so that they can become more knowledgeable about jobs and occupations.
  • Engage students in the decision-making process in order that they can choose a career path that is well suited to their own interests, values, abilities and personality style.
  • Assist individuals to be active managers of their career paths (including managing career transitions and balancing various life roles) as well as becoming lifelong learners in the sense of professional development over the lifespan.


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