Maggiolini Paolo

Paolo Maria Leo Cesare Maggiolini is a Research Fellow and Adjunct Professor in History of Islamic Asia at the Catholic University of Milan (Italy). He also teaches in the Master in Middle Eastern Studies (MIMES) at the Alta Scuola di Economia e Relazioni Internazionali (ASERI). He is an Associate Fellow at the Italian Institute for International Political Studies. He is co-editor with Kamran Matin (University of Sussex) for the Palgrave series “Minorities in West Asia and North Africa” (MiWANA). His researches are mainly focused on religion and politics in the Middle East and Mediterranean context, with particular concentration on Israel, Iraq, Jordan and Palestine, Arab Christianity in the Middle East, the relationship between religion, national identity and nationalism, and Euro-Mediterranean relations.

Among his recent works: Maggiolini P., Il Regno di Giordania. Frontiere e confini nella storia e nelle istituzioni della monarchia hashemita, Torino: Ananke, 2018. Maggiolini P., Demichelis M. (eds.), The Struggle to Define a Nation. Rethinking Religious Nationalism in the Contemporary Islamic World, Piscataway: Gorgias Press LLC, 2017.

Before joining ISPI Dr. Maggiolini earned his PhD in Institutions and Politics at the Catholic University of Milan and completed his post-doctoral research at the University of Geneva as FIIRD fellow and Levant foundation fellow. He has been also Research Fellow in Political and Social Transformations in the Arab World (Arab-Trans) for the Mediterranean and Middle East Program at ISPI (Istituto per gli Studi di Politica Internazionale).


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