Mazzucotelli Francesco

Francesco Mazzucotelli currently teaches History of Turkey and the Middle East at Università di Pavia, Italy. He holds a PhD in Political Institutions from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and has previously studied at the American University of Beirut.

With a specific reference to the post-Ottoman space, his main lines of research are the formation of sectarian identities in the public sphere; the relationship between religions, modernity, and post-modernity; and the role of urban spaces in contemporary politics.

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History of Muslim societies: from the Abbasids to World War I
This course offers a concise summary of the main historical developments of Muslim-majority societies in North Africa and the Middle East, with a strong emphasis on the often-overlooked period between the heyday of Islam in its formative decades and the onset of the twentieth century. The course focuses on political institutions and doctrines, notions of authority and legitimacy, and relationships between political power and society. Due attention is paid on how notions of order, resistance, and common good are informed by theological-legal understandings of Islam and its textual references. This course wants to provide a sound historical background that helps to assess the discourses, practices, and events of the twentieth century in a long-term perspective.


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