Nicolini Beatrice

Prof. Beatrice Nicolini Ph.D. has a Degree from Harvard University, U.S.A. She has a Ph.D. in History of Africa from Siena University, Italy. She teaches History and Institutions of Africa and Religions, Conflicts and Slavery; Indian Ocean World, Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, Catholic University, Milan, Italy. East Africa and the Indian Ocean are her research topics both through archive and fieldwork investigations. She has received several grants and recognition from Italy, from the Sultanate of Oman and from the UK and joined many international conferences. She has published more than 115 publications, most of them in English, and a number of them have been translated into Arabic.; Scopus Author ID 22635264300;


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Religions, Conflicts and Slavery in Africa: Case Studies
The analysis of African main realities will be presented through selected case studies that will focus on interconnections and interrelations between religions, politics, power, conflicts, slavery, and ‘traditional’ African cultures. The object is identifying key instruments of reading and re-reading multiple methodological perspectives. To this regard, it is important that all students become familiar with the bodies of academic literature dealing with African politics. It is these, together with the pronouncements and writings of African leaders, the articulations of African citizens and civil societies, and the views of international actors that comprise the discursive formation inspired by Africa and within which Africa sits.



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