Perletta Giorgia

Giorgia Perletta holds a Ph.D. in Institutions and Policies at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan, where she is also Teaching Assistant. She is Visiting Lecturer at the Prague University of Economics and Business and her articles appeared on the Atlantic Council, Oasis Foundation, Aspenia Online, ISPI, and IAI. Her research interests focus on contemporary Iranian politics, the evolution of post-revolutionary ideologies, and the relations between the environmental crisis and political transformation..



History and Politics of Modern Iran
The course aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of Iranian contemporary history and politics. It examines the main turning points of the twentieth century Iranian history, such as the Constitutional Revolution (1905-1911), the Pahlavi monarchy till the eruption of the revolution of 1979. The analysis explores changes within the Iranian socio-political composition, the ideological roots of the revolution and the foundation of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Secondly, the course underlines the post-revolutionary politics examining key political factions by looking through the different presidencies, power relation and factionalism. The scope is to overcome the widespread dichotomous approach in looking and thus interpreting Iranian domestic and foreign politics. Lastly, the course investigates the current Iranian socio, political and economic trajectories, aiming to recognise pivotal changes and enduring dynamics.


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