Riva Massimiliano


Massimiliano Riva (Max) is a sustainable finance advisor with +18 years of experience in international organizations and in the public and private sector. He worked on guarantees, inclusive finance, export credit, impact investing, green/SDG bonds, and sector resource mobilization strategies. In his career he facilitated a wide range of partnerships on sustainable trade and finance, providing advisory services on the ground to more than 30 countries across all continents. He co-authored several publications on the same. Max has a Master’s in economics and International Policies from ASERI and a Degree in Economics from Bocconi University.  Max is keen to meet and collaborate to unlock much needed resources for sustainable development. 


e-mail: massimiliano.riva@gmail.com / @massimilianoriv
personal page: https://www.linkedin.com/in/massimilianoriva


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