Riva Massimiliano

Massimiliano Riva is responsible for contributing to the United Nations Development Programme's evolving work on development and innovative finance under the natural capital and environment thematic area through policy advice, technical expertise, advocacy, partnership building and knowledge.

He works closely with the UNDP - Global Environment Facility, UN-REDD, Biodiversity Finance and other programmes to identify and operationalize opportunities for leveraging financial resources in support of sustainable development. Mr. Riva is keen to meet, collaborate and support colleagues and national partners to unlock and mobilize new resources for sustainable development and to trigger a more efficient, effective and equitable allocation of resources in-countries.

Mr. Riva is a trade and finance specialist by background, with over ten years of experience in international organizations, governments and the private sector. He has accumulated knowledge and expertise in areas such as guarantees, inclusive finance, export credit, public finance, vertical funds, Sector Wide Approaches, and sector resource mobilization strategies. In his career he facilitated a wide range of partnerships on sustainable trade and finance, providing advisory services on the ground to more than 25 countries across four continents. He co-authored a number of publications on trade, finance and sustainable development. He has a Master of Science in Economics and International Policies from ASERI and a Degree in Economics from the Bocconi University.


e-mail: massimiliano.riva@undp.org
personal page: https://www.linkedin.com/in/massimilianoriva

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