Romagnoli Alessandro

Alessandro Romagnoli is an Associate professor of Economics at the University of Bologna since 1992, where he is teaches Economic system analysis, Economics of the firm and Economic development in the Middle East and North Africa. His research interests encompass the problems of modern economies (with particular attention to developing countries) and those concerning the agricultural and industrial sectors. After investigating productive processes and firm structural evolution, he concentrated on the development process of Middle East and North Africa, on migration in Mediterranean and on modern economic systems. On these topics converge his recent works, printed by national and international publishers.



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Contemporary economic trends of the Middle East
The analysis focuses on the economies of the eastern subset of the so-called MENA region and presents their contemporary conditions and trends by developing the following themes. The development process in Muslim societies: after a short analysis of the development process and of the features of modern economies, the teacher's presentation inspects the Islamic economic principles and their impact on the economic organisation and policies in Middle East countries, with particular attention to the so-called Social Contract. The determinants of MENA economies development: the lecture inspects the forces affecting the development of Middle East countries (demography) and those pushing or restraining the process (oil, political instability and 'failed institutional upgrading'). The outcome of the economies: the lecture presents the structural divide among the economies of the area in respect to income, productive diversification ('rentierism'), labour market. MENA economies dealing with the Arab Springs and their aftermath: The lecture approaches the problems of MENA economies at the time of the Arab springs and aftermath.


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