Strazzari Nicola

Nicola Strazzari graduated from the faculty of Political Science and International Relations of the University of Bologna, Italy, and then earned a Master of Science from ASERI.

He joined PROMOS, the Special Agency of the Milan Chamber of Commerce for the promotion of international activities, where he gained operational experience in the public and private sector as program officer, promoting exchanges and business opportunities between Italy, Latin America and Asia.

He has both academic and operational experience in the fields of political economy, communication and international business matured in developed as well as in developing markets. For four years he taught International Business, Economics and International Political Economy in the Philippines at the University of Santo Tomas, the University of Asia and the Pacific and the Ateneo de Manila.

Since 2009 he is Head of research and strategic development at Vision Plus Media Enterprises. In 2012 he has been appointed adjunct professor of International Political Economy at Università della Valle d'Aosta.


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