Terzulli Alessandro

Responsible for Economic Studies at SACE S.p.A. He was Head of Analysis and Economic Research SACE SRV, a SACE group company where he worked on analysis on the developed countries, particularly Italy, and on industrial sectors. He previously worked as an economist at Confindustria Study Centre and collaborated in the drafting of several studies, notes and reports on economic issues of different nature.

Graduated in Economics from the Luiss Guido Carli University in Rome (2001), where he worked as Assistant for the Political Economy course - Faculty of Political Sciences (2004), has also collaborated with several Italian universities (Tor Vergata, Politecnico Milan, SDA Bocconi) teaching Elements of risk assessment country, International Economics, Risk insurance policies of export credit, Economic and structural aspects of the Italian economy.


e-mail: A.Terzulli@sace.it



Analysis of international markets and country risk
Firms that appear on international markets need insurance coverage, especially if they are oriented towards high risk markets, they expose themselves to counterparties for high amounts and due dates for long-term payment extensions. This requires an approach to risk assessment through "country risk". This discipline, difficult to define, embraces a series of factors that cannot always be assessed quantitatively. These factors can also have a very different nature: political, economic, financial and operational.
The course aims to:
- Provide methodological and analytical elements for assessing the risks associated with the internationalization processes of companies.
- Investigate the nature of these risks: commercial with respect to politicians, sovereigns rather than banking or linked to non-financial companies.
- Highlight the importance of country risk and the sectoral dimension in which the company operates.
- Apply the tools to the current international situation, with reference to several concrete cases.
- Give some hints on insurance instruments to eliminate or mitigate risks.


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