Tortora Manuela

Master of Science and Ph.D. at the Graduate Institute of Development and International Studies, University of Geneva, Dr. Tortora was a senior staff member of the United Nations Secretariat (UN Conference on Trade and Development, Geneva) from 1999 to 2014.

From 1980 to 1999 she held senior positions at the Executive Board of the World Bank, Washington D.C., in Latin American regional economic organizations, and as trade negotiator and career diplomat of the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Venezuela. Visiting Professor at several universities in Latin America. Publications and research activities on international economic issues, including UN publications, reports and documents.


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The Interface between Trade and Development in the Multilateral Dimension
In this course, we will focus on how trade and development are intertwined at the domestic and the international level, with a special focus on the multilateral rules, policies, and negotiations. For this purpose, we will analyze and discuss: the origins, the evolution, and the implications of this interface; the main concepts and development thinking that guide policy makers and economic negotiators; what are the main features and mechanisms of today’s trade policies and negotiations, and how they are used to achieve the goals of both developed and developing countries, at the multilateral level. Current multilateral issues such as the role of trade in the Sustainable Development Goals, and the role of trade in climate change, will be discussed. Special attention will be given to the recent evolution of the US trade policy. Practical exercises and group discussions will be organized during the course.



The Interface between Trade and Development in the Multilateral Dimension
The linkages between trade and development are a key issue of the multilateral agenda since the end of the ‘60s, and continue to be a stumbling block with wide implications for national and international development aid policies and their goals. The main topics encompass: how theories on trade in development theories are transferred to the agenda of UN, GATT/WTO, IMF/WB; trade policies and multilateral negotiations from developing countries’ perspective; ideas and policies on trade and development from the Washington Consensus until Trump’s trade wars and the implications for developing countries; where is trade in the SDGs, how trade was addressed in the negotiations leading to the MDGs and the SDGs, and why it is embedded in SDG 17 but defined by the UN General Assembly and the WTO as a “means of implementation” and a crucial issue in poverty reduction and development processes.


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