Master in Advanced Global Studies - MAGS

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Course structure

The Master in Advanced Global Studies (MAGS) is tailored to:

  • train professionals with the analytical skills to comprehend the different elements that constitute our complex world:
  • develop students’ abilities
  • collect and interpret information and international events
  • manage technical and scientific aspects of international projects
  • help students identify and interact with local and global cultures through a multidisciplinary approach and specialized competences

Master’s time schedule

Classes begin in mid-November 2021 and run until October 2022. Teaching activities will be scheduled from Monday to Friday between 9:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.
Attendance to classes and other activities within the Master's program is compulsory.
After in-class educational sessions, all students will undertake their professional training with the internship that gives students the invaluable opportunity to strengthen the competences acquired during the Master.
The Graduation Day ceremony is expected in December 2022.

Assessment and Diploma

1st level Specializing Master's Degree issued by the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Italian Law D.M. 509/99) will be granted at the end of the Master’s course upon achievement of 60 ECTS credits, gained through the attendance to all the Master activities and the positive results in the examinations taken. All the Master’s activities (exams, internship, project work) have to be performed.


The Master in Advanced Global Studies (MAGS) programme is spread over four integrated levels, aimed at fostering a multidimensional education which includes also research skills, analytical tools and professional development.

1st Level - Scientific Training & Management Skills 40 CFU

The course offers an important opportunity to deepen the theoretical analysis of the economic, political, historical, legal and institutional issues relevant to the global system. Thanks to the multidisciplinary character of this area, students have the opportunity to study and evaluate specific problems from different yet connected perspectives.

Area A- Economics

Area B- International Relations

Area C- Law and Institutions

Area D- Human Security and Sustainable Development

Area E- Management Skills

2nd Level - Advanced Training on Regional Areas 15 CFU

The Master’s program includes an advanced training programme on the most relevant regional areas that government, international organizations, NGOs and multinational private companies are facing. Professionals and experts from specific fields are involved in planning, organizing and addressing introductory courses as well as seminars and case studies in the following areas:

Regional Area: Latin America

Regional Area: Africa

Regional Area: Middle East

Regional Area: Asia

Regional Area: Europe

3rd Level - Project Work 5 CFU

Participants join in the elaboration of a project work where the multidimensional analysis of a problem leads to the identification of its fundamental nodes.

4th Level - Internship 5 CFU

The research activity is completed with an internship, that gives  students the invaluable opportunity to strengthen competencies acquired during the Master.


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