Fees and Scholarships

Tuition fee

MIMES full tuition fee is 7.500  € distributed as follows:

Installment Fee due When
1st installment 3.000 € Upon admission
2nd installment 2.500 € February  2024
3rd installment 2.000 € April 2024


The tuition fee includes: 

  • Tutoring service
  • Access to Universities facilities and services
  • Teaching material

Scholarships and tuition waivers for international students

Standard tuition waivers

Up to 6 (six)  tuition waivers covering 25% of the tuition fee are available for international candidates.

The allocation of the waivers will be evaluated in an ongoing process. Students wanting to be considered for this opportunity are advised to apply as soon as possible as a majority of the scholarships will be assigned within the first calls.

For students that are granted the above mentioned scholarship the payment installments are the following: 

Installment Fee due with 25% scholarship
(international students only)
1st installment 3.000 € Upon admission
2nd installment 2.625 € February  2024
3rd installment   April 2024


MedOr Foundation Scholars Programme

MedOr Foundation is offering 3 scholarships of single value of € 12,000 to Bachelor’s Degree holders from Middle Eastern countries such as Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Turkey, Israel, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman.
The scholarship is reserved to students who wish to enrol in the Master programme for the 2023/24 intake and will cover expenses related to tuition fees, travel, board and housing.

Before applying read the grant carefully. Download available at the bottom of the page


Scholarships and tuition waivers for domestic students

Extraordinary measure for students with an Italian Bachelor's degree

To counteract the high cost of living, students with an Italian bachelor's degree will exceptionally receive a 16.5% discount on the tuition fee, (approximately three times the inflation rate measured in August 2023).

The tuition fee will therefore be € 6,260. 
The first confirmation instalment will remain € 3,000, while the breakdown of the subsequent instalments will be communicated shortly. 

Please note that the discount

  • will apply exclusively to students with an Italian Bachelor's degree
  • will also apply retroactively to students already admitted and/or enrolled who fall under the indicated circumstances
  • will not apply in the event that students benefit from other forms of discount or scholarship, even if provided by third party organisations. Scholarships and discounts cannot be cumulated. 
  • As for other forms of reduction in tuition fees, the discount will be deducted from the last tuition fee instalment


Other scholarships for Italian students

Grants for scholarships from public agencies are generally available for Italian students. Check here for more information.  

UCSC Alumni discount

A 500 € discount applies for graduate Alumni of the Università Cattolica that have signed up for the UCSC ALUMNI PREMIUM PROGRAM.
The discount cannot be cumulated with other scholarships  and the tuition fee waiver will apply only to students participating in the program before enrolling in the Master. 
Download the application instructions at the bottom of the page.  

Important notes: Scholarships are assimilated to employment income and as such are subject to taxation. They are therefore to be considered gross of any withholding taxes.
All scholarships and tuition waivers will be deducted from the last installment of the tuition fee. 
Discounts and scholarships cannot be cumulated. 

Refund policy

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore guarantees a refund on deposit and first installment in case:

  • the Italian Embassy/Consulate rejects your visa application
  • the Master does not start for insufficient enrollments
  • Check here for the general refund policy
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